FTA signs with Jet Masterclass to continue ‘airline-ready’ MCC course

Jet Masterclass simulator

Brighton City Airport based FTA has signed a two-year agreement with Jet Masterclass following the success of an initial 12 months of collaboration to get cadet pilots up to ‘airline-ready’ standard.

In the first year, Jet Masterclass reported a 93% success rate of placing cadets.

FTA’s Head of Training Phil Jones was instrumental in the partnership. He said, “The collaboration with Jet Masterclass is part of a suite of additional enhancements and investments we are making in the business. As the market demands more pilots and airlines improve upon operational and cost efficiency, we too continue to consolidate our successes, increasing our capacity to meet the needs of the market.”

Jet Masterclass is based near London Gatwick Airport, where the company delivers the MCC/Jet Orientation Course on a high-fidelity fixed-base B737-800W simulator. The training focuses on adding an extra layer of essential pilot skills, required by the changing demands of the travel industry.

Jet Masterclass

Pilot Julie in Jet Masterclass’s B737-800W FTD simulator


Cadets do not have to be training with FTA to go on the course. Jet Masterclass’s newly certified elitePilot Airline Readiness Programme is enhanced Multi Crew Co-operation training to Airline Pilot Standards (APS MCC). It is designed to ‘bridge’ pilots from fATPL to first multi-pilot jet type rating and incorporates advanced swept-wing jet handling and airline operations scenario training.

The course is over 16 training days, with 43 hours of theory, 38 hours in the FTD and 2 hours in a Full Flight Sim (FFS). Cost is £5,995 plus VAT.

Director and co-founder of Jet Masterclass, Frank Jukes, said, “APS training is rapidly increasing in demand and desirability by leading airlines. While not essential, it does prove valuable to students who are want to apply for a specific airline or feel they will benefit from airline preparation training.”

Jet Masterclass

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