Frontier Airlines launches career pilot programme


Colorado-based low-cost carrier, Frontier Airlines has entered into pilot hiring partnerships with both Wyoming-based Great Lakes Airlines and Florida-based Silver Airways as part of the Frontier Career Pilot Programme, which the airline says is designed to remove many of the career uncertainties that pilots face as they begin their airline careers by guaranteeing pilots entering the Career Pilot Programme a first officer position with Frontier upon completion of defined experience requirements.

Frontier plans to launch the Frontier Career Pilot Programme this June. “This program and our partnerships with these highly regarded and respected regional airlines will become an important element of Frontier’s overall strategy to fulfil our pilot staffing needs in the future,” said Jim Nides, Frontier’s vice president-flight operations.

“Pursuing a professional pilot career is as challenging today as it has ever been”

Frontier will work with its new partners by recruiting and interviewing new pilot candidates for this new programme.

“Pursuing a professional pilot career is as challenging today as it has ever been,” said Silver Airways Vice President of Flight Operations David Lindskoog. “Being able to offer a greater degree of certainty to a new pilot as he or she considers a pilot career is a big deal. This agreement between Silver Airways and Frontier Airlines offers that certainty and provides a great opportunity for our pilots to advance their careers.”

“Great Lakes has had a long standing relationship with Frontier as many of our former pilots are now flying there. This agreement will help solidify the pilot recruitment needs for both airlines,” said Douglas Voss, CEO of Great Lakes.

Frontier will help its new partners interview and recruit new pilot candidates. Once selected, the pilot needs to remain employed by the regional airline, upgrade to captain and build at least 1,000 hours of pilot-in-command time. Once these and other conditions are met such as dependability metrics and a letter of recommendation from the partner airline, Frontier will guarantee that the pilot will transition to Frontier as a first officer.

“With forecasted retirements, it’s no secret that the demand for highly qualified pilots will grow over the next several years,” said JP Thibodeau, Frontier’s chief pilot. “This new partnership helps address our future pilot staffing needs while providing pilots entering the workforce a certainty for their careers.”

Pilots who currently fly for Great Lakes Airlines or Silver Airways also will be eligible and encouraged to participate in the Career Pilot Program. Depending on staffing needs at the regional airlines.