Certification for IAGO’s new Avion Phantom full flight simulator

Avion Phantom FFS

A new type of full flight simulator is now ready for training pilots with British company IAGO Flight Training at London Gatwick.

Earlier this week, the Dutch Civil Aviation Authority certified a Airbus A320 FFS EASA level D Simulator developed and built by Dutch company Avion Group. The official opening is on 5 March.

The simulator installation is the resulty of a strategic relationship between IAGO and Avion announced last July to provide Dry and Wet Lease pilot type training in their London UK centre.

IAGO brings training professionals who provide professional pilot training services to existing and new clients. Avion’s Phantom A320 is claimed to be the most advanced next generation Level D Full Flight Simulator.

“We provide full flight simulators with a focus on reduced cost of ownership,” said an Avion spokesperson. This is achieved through:

  • Serial production techniques
  • Application of standard products from the industrial automation product range – low cost, highly reliable, supported on a world-wide basis
  • Customer support focused on maximum operability of the simulator, at the lowest price in the industry
  • Low electrical power cost through significant payload reduction.
Avion Phantom FFS

Avion’s Phantom full flight simulator with its air stars retracted


Avion says it has taken a greenfield approach in designing for reduced total life cycle cost of the training device and of the facility it is installed in:

  • No bridge and walkway required: air stairs. For existing buildings, the air stairs can be re-configured into an integrated bridge
  • No computer room required: all computers are on board
  • Low incidental maintenance through water- and dust tight construction
  • Low payload (7.5 tons instead of 12-13 tons of the competition) resulting in the lowest motion electricity costs.