BWPA announces 2016 pilot scholarships

Kanchana Gamage received the Naomi Christy Cup from Dorothy Saul-Pooley in 2015 (Photo: Amy Chau)

Kanchana Gamage received the Naomi Christy Cup from Dorothy Saul-Pooley in 2015 (Photo: Amy Chau)

Building on the success of its 2015 Diamond Jubilee Scholarships, the British Women Pilots’ Association (BWPA) has announced its 2016 Scholarships for female aspiring pilots.

The Association will be awarding three Scholarships to successful women applicants this year, one of which is again the BWPA CATS CPL/ATPL Scholarship, and the other two will be the new BWPA Flying Start Scholarship, and the new BWPA Flying High Scholarship. Both these scholarships will be for £1,000, which is double the value of the individual 2015 Scholarships, and both will be available for any type of flying, from ballooning through to helicopters, and all points between.

As the names suggest, the BWPA Flying Start Scholarship will be available for new and very inexperienced pilots to gain their first qualifications, whereas the BWPA Flying High Scholarship will be available for more experienced pilots with at least a first qualification who wish, for example, to gain further qualifications or take part in significant competitions, or to undertake other suitable activities to help them further their personal flying aims. The BWPA CATS CPL/ATPL Scholarship is, as last year, for applicants with at least a PPL (A) or (H), and comprises the ground school element of a CPL or ATPL (A or H). It has again been kindly donated to the BWPA by CATS Aviation Training, Luton, and is worth almost £1,400. What is (and what is not) included in this Scholarships aimed at pilots intending to make a career in flying, will be detailed on the application form, along with the necessary qualifications for application.

Applications for all three scholarships will be via the BWPA Website, and further details plus the application forms will soon be posted on the BWPA website. All those awarded BWPA 2016 Scholarships will also be invited to the BWPA Christmas Lunch on December 4, 2016, the venue for which is yet to be announced. A further announcement will follow, as soon as the application forms are available on the BWPA website, and all potential and current women pilots are encouraged to consider applying.