Alsim’s new Airliner sim will also teach UPRT

Alsim Airliner sim Airbus

Alsim is building its largest flight training device to date, The Airliner, complete with advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training capabilities.

The Airliner is being developed for advanced airline pilot training at high-end flight schools and training centres. It is a multipurpose hybrid simulator with two configurations representative of Airbus and Boeing transport category airliners.

Alsim says the Airliner simulator was engineered in response to regulatory requirements, expert analysis, and thousands of hours of customer feedback from ALX Medium Jet simulator operators.

Alsim Airliner sim

Alsim’s new Airliner simulator can be configured for a Boeing 737, above, or Airbus A320, top.


The Airliner can give medium and large Approved Training Organisations (ATOs) the ability to provide experience in Airbus and Boeing operations. It can also provide training to include the Advanced Pilot Standard Multi Crew Coordination (APS MCC), Jet Orientation Courses, Airline Selection (preparation and skill tests) and Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT).

The Alsim Airliner’s advanced UPRT capabilities are being developed in partnership with Aviation Performance Solutions (APS), a global leader in integrated on-aircraft and advanced simulator UPRT.