Alsim simulator for Scottish flight training school ACS


Demand for ‘airline orientated pilots’ with glass cockpit flight training has led Scottish company ACS Flight Training to acquire an Alsim AL42 simulator.

The AL42 is an exact copy of the Diamond DA42 Twin Star, a twin-engine aircraft used extensively for the Multi-Engine part of the flight training syllabus.

ACS choses Alsim’s AL42 simulator as part of its new business plan which includes the acquisition of a DA42 Twinstar aircraft. The ATO also wanted to comply with the new EASA requirements such as LPV approach training.

Craig McDonald, ACS Group Director, said, “Alsim has a good setup for manufacturing and delivering FSTDs and you can really feel that the Alsim team has years of experience in the field of FNPT devices – this is also one of the reasons why ACS Flight Training has chosen the AL42.”

ACS Aviation is based at Perth Airport, located centrally between Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow.

Alsim AL42