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All female crew takes to the skies of Papua New Guinea


Link PNG, a subsidiary company of Air Niugini, made history on 29 May 2015, announcing a flight with an all-female flight crew.

The flight was the first of its kind for Link PNG whilst second for its mother company, Air Niugini which had a similar flight four years back under the command of Captain Bona Yasi and her crew.

A crew of five led by Captain Beverly Pakii, First Officer Nicole Koleala and cabin crew Julie Tamdodo, Ulato Avei, and Veapi Ranu (pictured), departed Port Moresby’s Jackson’s airport on a schedule flight to Tabubil and back.

Link PNG Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Wanma said it’s a milestone achievement for the women of this country, adding that the women have gained a different perspective.

“Working in a male dominated profession, it is certainly exciting to find all female crew serving our customers and providing the same high quality standards as dictated by the company. Given the successful programme many more girls will be joining their ranks well into the future,” Wanma said, adding, “Their story represents a changing industry and a realistic growth in gender diversity.”