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AIS Airlines launches self-sponsored cadet scheme

_DSC4117 2030Netherlands-based airline, AIS Airlines, has launched a self-sponsored cadet scheme, with the airline offering to put up an interest-free loan of €57,500 to successful candidates.

The airline began with one Jetstream 32 aircraft in 2009/2010, and now has seven aircraft fully operational in Scandinavia, Germany and Croatia, with plans to expand the fleet further soon. The airline also has a Jetstream 32 simulator and a 737 level D simulator, run through AIS Flight Academy.

Students applying to the scheme will start with a selection procedure consisting of maths, english and physics, as well as a simulator test and a final interview. This will cost students €195.

After successfully completing this phase, students will enrol the ATPL theoretical part of the training for eight months. Students will need to successfully pass this part with a minimum 85% score average and pass the monthly simulator test. Students will be required to pay for the theoretical part, costing €9,500, which includes course material, uniform and first round examination.

If the students pass the theoretical part of training and pass with the required score, he/she will be offered a training employment contract and pay the remaining course fee, which is €65,500. AIS Airlines will put up an additional interest-free loan of €57,500, which will be paid back to the airline once the student is in employment. Type rating of the Jetstream 31 will be included and successful students will be offered a minimum one year employment with the airline.

The complete duration of training will be approx. 22 months and the location will be Lelystad Airport, the Netherlands, with catering and accommodation available for students.

For more information, and to apply, visit aisflightacademy.com/en/aanmelden-selectie/