Aeros spreads professional flight training across the UK

Aeros Flight TrainingNot all areas of the UK are well-served with flight schools offering commercial pilot training but that could change with new partnerships being forged by Aeros Group with Hields Aviation and Bristol & Wessex Aeroplane Club.

The new partnerships will allow both Declared Training Organisations (DTOs) to offer the Aeros complete Fastrack training programme to their customers.

Students will be able to complete the first part of their training at their chosen DTO, located at either Leeds Bradford Airport or Bristol Airport, before moving onto an Aeros Academy of their choice. There they will complete ATPLs with Cat3C, recently aquired by Aeros, and further commercial training.

With more locations across the country available for the structured modular course, students are able to complete their flight training whilst retaining current employment and living at home.

Aeros Group now has seven locations across the UK covering Bristol, Cardiff, Gloucester, Stratford-upon-Avon, Coventry, Doncaster, and Leeds, with further future partnerships due to be announced shortly.

Aeros locations UK

Rob Hields, Proprietor and Head of Training at Hields Aviation in Leeds said, “I am pleased that our fixed-wing training school at Leeds Bradford airport has now officially linked with Aeros.

“We have been selected to train their local students to PPL standard, provide hours-building packages, and then return the students to other Aeros centres for CPL and Multi-Engine Instrument training to complete their modular route.

“It is a simpler and more efficient method of offering the full facility to our own customers.”

Barry Bailey, Head of Training at Bristol & Wessex Aeroplane Club said, “We now have the ability to offer a seamless modular course with an established ATO for our aspiring commercial pilots.”

Nick Dunn, The Aeros Group CEO added, “Partnerships based around our structured modular training programme will open up a range of opportunities for potential customers who might not have been able to begin their training due to the inflexibility of time or cost, or due to location.”

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