’70 new pilots a day required to meet 10-year demand’ – CAE

A staggering 255,000 new airline pilots will be needed over the next 10 years, according to the CAE Airline Pilot Demand Outlook, released today at the Paris Air Show.

It’s the first time CAE has produced such a forecast. Among the findings are that 50% of the pilots who will fly the world’s commercial aircraft in 10 years have not yet started to train. Also, 180,000 first officers will need to develop into captains during the same period, a greater number than in any previous decade.

The document breaks down the numbers by region and provides a thorough analysis of the training needs of the aviation industry.CAE pilot forecast

“As the leading training organisation in the world, we are very proud to introduce our first-ever CAE Airline Pilot Demand Outlook to the market, which will provide airlines with a view on the upcoming needs and development opportunities for professional pilots,” said Marc Parent, CAE’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

Nick Leontidis, CAE Group President, Civil Aviation Training Solutions, said, “The airline industry will need 70 new type-rated pilots per day for the next 10 years to meet global demand.

“This record demand will challenge current pilot recruitment channels and development programs. New and innovative pilot career pathways and training systems will be required to meet the industry’s pilot needs and ever-evolving safety, competency and efficiency standards.”

The CAE Airline Pilot Demand Outlook is available for download here