Boeing and CAE Team Up to Revolutionise Flight Training Worldwide

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

In a recent move that promises to reshape global pilot training, aviation giant Boeing and global training solutions leader CAE have inked a pivotal agreement.

With this deal, CAE earns the distinction of becoming the first Boeing Authorized Training Provider set to deliver Boeing’s state-of-the-art Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) curriculum to the international commercial aviation sector.

Stephanie Pope, the President and CEO of Boeing Global Services, remarked on the partnership, “This collaboration augments our competency-oriented flight training prowess to more adeptly cater to our global clientele.” Pope emphasised the synergy of the partnership, pointing out that the combination of data sharing, digital prowess, and heightened accessibility and affordability from both companies will undeniably boost aviation safety globally.

What sets the CBTA approach apart is its deep emphasis on cultivating and evaluating critical skills, knowledge, and behaviors vital for pilots operating in commercial air spaces. Boeing’s embrace of this method involves utilising cutting-edge digital tools and vital fleet data. This not only personalises training for each pilot but also sharpens their ability to tackle in-flight adversities adeptly. Pilots in India will be among the first to benefit, as CAE centers there will be early adopters of the Boeing curriculum. However, the reach of this initiative will soon span across the globe. On Boeing’s end, its global training hubs in prime locations such as Seattle, Miami, London-Gatwick, Shanghai, and Singapore will also champion this modern curriculum. Plus, custom training will be available at client locales worldwide.

Marc Parent, CAE’s President and CEO, expressed his enthusiasm, noting, “As a Boeing-authorized training provider, our global presence with over 70 training centers allows us to deliver top-notch Boeing aircraft training right to our joint customer base’s doorstep.” He highlighted the shared mission between the two corporations: elevating aviation safety standards. “This collaboration,” he said, “ensures more pilots have the tools and education they need for optimal performance in the cockpit.”

This partnership is built on a robust foundation of mutual respect and collaboration. Boeing and CAE’s intertwined history spans both commercial and defense sectors. Notably, CAE has been a pivotal supplier for Boeing’s commercial flight training apparatus and has consistently provided training and operational support for defense platforms.