Boeing and CAE join forces to improve safety through pilot training

Aviation giants, Boeing and CAE, have announced a partnership aimed at improving aviation safety and meeting the increasing global demand for highly trained pilots.

The alliance marks a significant step in reshaping the landscape of pilot training, aiming setting a new benchmark in the aviation industry.

Boeing and CAE are set to introduce Boeing’s innovative Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) curriculum to their extensive network of aviation clients worldwide. The CBTA system is designed to focus on key skills, knowledge, and behaviors essential for pilots in the commercial air transport sector.

Stephanie Pope, president and CEO of Boeing Global Services, underscored the potential benefits of this new endeavor. “This partnership enables us to increase our competency-based flight training capacity. Our collaboration with CAE will harness digital technology and shared data to enhance aviation safety on a global scale,” said Pope.

Boeing’s CBTA utilises sophisticated digital tools and detailed fleet operations data to provide personalised training, equipping pilots with the skills to handle diverse in-flight scenarios effectively. India will be the first to experience this training approach via CAE, with further expansion expected into other global markets. Boeing will also implement the CBTA curriculum at its global training campuses, including Seattle, Miami, London-Gatwick, Shanghai, and Singapore.

CAE, with a network of over 70 training centers worldwide, will use its expertise to deliver this training. “As a Boeing-authorised training provider, we’re bringing high-quality training on Boeing aircraft closer to our shared customer base. This partnership gives more pilots access to advanced technology and curriculum, thus enhancing their flight deck performance,” said Marc Parent, CAE’s President and CEO.

Boeing and CAE share a long history of cooperation across commercial and defence programs, with CAE being a key supplier of Boeing’s commercial aircraft training devices and providing training and operational support on defence platforms.

More detailed information about Boeing’s CBTA approach can be found in Boeing’s Innovation Quarterly publication.