Why attend Pilot Careers Live?

Now in its 20th year, Pilot Careers Live (known in previous years as the Professional Flight Training Exhibition and the FLYER Flight Training Exhibition) takes place in various locations all around Europe every year, and hosts airlines, Approved Training Organisations, Universities, military forces, pilot selection crews, pilot unions… the list is endless. And all of the exhibitors are on hand to give you the information you need to decide upon your future career.

Pilot Careers Live events aim to provide an impartial event, with informative seminars, where visitors can go to get the right answers, and allow them to make informed decisions regarding financing, training choices and more. Countless pilots who are flying professionally both in the UK and around the world have taken the first step towards their career at our events, by talking to other cadets and pilots, asking the right questions, visiting the seminars and taking notes.

Matt Dearden first attended the event in 2006 and is now flying the Pilatus PT-6 for SusiAir in Papua

Captain Matt Dearden, Pilatus PC-6 Captain with SusiAir and writer of the fascinating Bush Flying Diaries blog, said of the events, “By going along, you could embark on an exciting journey that could very well change your life forever. It did exactly that for me when I attended the London event back in 2006. At the time I could not have imagined where things would lead or how my life would change. It’s the perfect environment to meet training experts, potential employers and of course, pilots who can assist you in making informed decisions on the career.”

His advice to visitors is simple. “For those of you who are yet to begin your flight training, make a shortlist of the exhibiting training organisations you would like to visit and draw up a list of questions to ask them. See if they have any upcoming open days. Being able to talk with potential training providers is a fantastic way to find out exactly what the training involves. If you’re a qualified commercial pilot, it’s a great way to start building up that all-important contact list. For those yet to begin or currently in training, keep those contact details for the future when you’re in a position to start applying for jobs.”

Take a look at what other visitors have said about our events:

The Student Pilot Blog

“These events are essential for anyone thinking about embarking on a career as a pilot. I first visited Flyer at the age of 14, and I cannot express how helpful the events have been for me. If you are trying to decide where to undergo your training and haven’t already visited a Flyer event, I can hand on heart say that you must attend one before deciding where to train.”

First Officer Oliver Delamont, a Monarch pilot on the Airbus A320 and A321

“Something I found very useful was to attend the Professional Flight Training Exhibition. This is a careers event held at Heathrow’s Sofitel hotel where a whole array of FTOs and aviation related exhibitors attend to answer your questions and provide you with information.

This is a great way to start getting yourself informed. Committing to a career in aviation is not a decision to be made lightly, the training is intense and demands your focus.”

The Aviation Dream Blog

“This is a must do event. If you live in the UK and want to become a commercial pilot, I would seriously recommend visiting this. It is held in the Sofitel Hotel at T5 London Heathrow every year. There are seminars (presentations) presented by aviation companies and airlines on becoming a pilot and other areas of aviation. Also there is a big hall full of stands for different flying schools and airlines. Here you can speak directly to them and ask as many questions as you want about becoming a pilot. You will walk away with a bag full of leaflets and booklets containing information about the flying schools and routes to becoming a pilot. I have attended this event every year since.”

Emily Wood, cadet at CAE Oxford Aviation Academy

“You’ve decided you want to take the commercial route? Attending this exhibition is essential; there’s loads of working professionals for you to meet, seminars given by various airlines and student pilots from various FTOs (Flight Training Organisations) for you to talk to. In terms of doing our research this exhibition will provide you with masses of vital information and tonnes of free pens.”

Matt Midgley, First Officer, Boeing 737-800

“I headed down to Heathrow to see what I could find out. I would recommend attending one yourself to meet the schools and look at your options. I attended one of the seminars about training in general which was also very good. The schools have very optimistic outlooks on job prospects for obvious reasons.”

The Aviator Blog

“A fantastic source of information for all future pilots… A team from CAE Oxford Aviation Academy recently attended the Flyer Exhibition in London, an event where future pilots can gain more information about the aviation industry and the types of flight training available to them. It was an interesting day out, and a great opportunity to meet many motivated people eager to begin flight training. I visited the event last year as an eager future pilot, so it was great to visit again this year as an exhibitor. I’d like to wish the very best of luck to the people I spoke to.”

FL500 blog

“The Professional Flight Training Exhibitions is the essential career exhibition for anyone considering a career on the flightdeck and is not to be missed.”

Tom, cadet on British Airways Future Pilot Programme

“Away from studying, I helped out at the Flyer Flight Training Exhibition at Heathrow a few weeks ago, which I actually attended myself as a keen wannabe a couple of years ago! I found it incredibly helpful then, so enjoyed being on the ‘other side’ and offering my advice to prospective pilots at both the CTC and BA stands. I found it particularly motivating to meet some BA pilots there in their uniform who were on the FPP intake only a year previously to myself.”

Georgie Sweeney, Airbus A321 pilot for a UK airline

“I was lucky enough to have gone along to help CTC with their stand at the Leeds Professional Flight Training Exhibition. As well as other flight schools, there were also some airlines, such as Jet2 and British Airways there and so it was nice to have a chat to some of the guys on these stands as well. The day was particularly busy – a lot busier than I had expected which is always a good thing!”

Alex Harley, cadet on British Airways Future Pilot Programme

“For anyone who’s interested in coming into this profession, the exhibition is a must see as it’s a chance to talk to the airlines, the pilots, the schools and the students.”

The next Pilot Careers Live event will take place on Saturday 4 March at the Croke Park Conference Centre, Dublin. Tickets still available.

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