Video game tech for ATPL training

Aviation publisher, Padpilot, is taking interactive airline pilot training to the next level with the introduction of ‘gamification’ – the use of video game elements – in a series of new apps.

PadPilot is developing a series of Learning Cores with corresponding Teaching Cores for classroom use by instructors. Each core will be an app designed to bring greater clarity and ease to the learning of some of the more visual elements of ATPL theory.

Each core will present knowledge and learning as a 3-dimensional ‘game’ with augmented reality graphics that can be moved, zoomed, hidden or layered. Rather than having to read pages of text, students can learn the subject more freely as they explore highly detailed 3D models. Learning Cores will also have extensive labelling, video sequences and links back to the relevant iBook chapters.

A Learning Core may replace the reading requirement for one or several chapters of a Padpilot iBook. The student will investigate the Core until he or she is satisfied the topic is understood, at which point their knowledge is tested, either within the game or via Padpilot’s existing reporting system.

All Learning And Teaching Cores will be ‘holo-ready’ meaning that when holographic technology matures sufficiently, the cores can be easily updated to drive holographic displays of 3D models up to life-size and beyond. Classroom theory lessons will be more visual than ever before.

PadPilot gas turbine

The first Core to be made available from iTunes is a Teaching Core for gas turbine engines. It features a Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engine, showing detail down to the level of moving inlet guide vanes. The corresponding Core for students will be released at the end of January 2017. Functionality and content will continue to be added to these Cores as the year progresses.

“Research shows that non-linear, interactive learning is a highly effective educational tool and these new apps will bring the best and most useful parts of gamification to ATPL education,” said Padpilot MD, Graham Cownie. “It’s another way to aid trainee pilots’ understanding of complex theory. Our goal is always to help educate better aviators and we’re using the very latest technology to do this.”

  • Aviation South West has launched its ATPL Theoretical Knowledge ground school to complement flight training courses, in association with PadPilot. Ground school is offered as either a residential or a distance learning course.