VA and Ultimate High introduce advanced Upset Recovery Training


Loss of Control In-flight – known as LOC-I – is a hot topic with EASA making specialist Upset Recovery Training mandatory for new pilots. So where do you get this training?

British companies VA Airline Training (VA) and Ultimate High Academy (UHA) have developed a joint Multi-Pilot Aircraft (MPA) ‘Airline Ready’ programme that includes Upset Recovery Training.

Trainees completing VA’s Airline Pilot Standards (APS) MCC course will progress onto an ‘Advanced’ Multi-Pilot Aircraft (MPA) Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) course with UHA at Goodwood Airport (UK).

LINK: EASA’s Upset Recovery Training FAQ

UHA’s Advanced MPA UPRT is delivered in a Slingsby T67 Firefly aircraft – a genuine, multi-pilot cockpit environment – using the same multi-pilot techniques, processes and strategies developed during VA’s APS MCC training.

The trainee and the instructor alternate between the roles of Pilot Flying (PF) and Pilot Monitoring (PM) in a variety of scenarios. The aim is to develop the earliest possible recognition of upsets and enhance the mindset of strong Crew Resource Management (CRM) through clear and open communication.

The combined programme develops the pilot’s core skills in readiness for Type Rating and line operations. It ensures trainees are familiar with operating as a team during avoidance, recognition and recovery from flight upsets.

VA anticipates the majority of customers for this new ‘Airline Ready’ programme will be airlines requiring newly qualified pilots to be as fully prepared as possible for aircraft type rating training and initial line training. However, the joint programme will also be made available to individual customers.

The launch airline customer for the new programme has been agreed and will be announced very shortly.

“Both VA and UHA are pioneering innovators in the field of competency-based airline pilot training courses.

“To form a training alliance together to deliver this regulated multi-pilot aircraft training felt like a totally natural thing for us to do,” said Anthony Petteford, managing director of VA Airline Training.

Mark Greenfield, CEO at Ultimate High Academy, said, “We have championed the need for truly integrated UPRT programmes rather than treat the challenge as a standalone checkbox.

“To have the on-aircraft training delivered in a genuine multi-pilot environment that mirrors the techniques and approach used in the APS MCC should materially improve crews’ ability to deal with flight upsets.”

VA Airline Training
Ultimate High Academy

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