Airline Pilot Club and VA Airline Training partner to guide would-be airline pilots

Airline Pilot Club (APC) APC and VA Airline Training (VA) have come together to provide would-be airline pilots with professional guidance and training.

APC has established an 8-step process that guides people and their families through the key issues associated with becoming an airline pilot.

APC members will have access to an online assessment of their suitability for the airline pilot career as well as practical assistance in creating a Personal Development Plan. APC members can also access insurance policies to assist them in securing funding for their pilot training.

APC founders, Captain Andy O’Shea and Captain Petter Hornfeldt (YouTube Mentour Pilot), along with VA’s Anthony Petteford, have unrivalled experience and connections in the airline industry.

Captain Andy O’Shea said, “We are very pleased to be announcing the launch of our partnership with VA Airline Training. I am very aware of the quality that Anthony Petteford and his team provide VA cadets. VA provides one of the best APS MCC courses on the market and we are excited to give our members access to these and other VA training services at preferential rates available only to APC members.

Airline Pilot Club
VA Airline Training