Tech entrepreneur to fund Wings Alliance scholarship for black British female pilot

Wings Alliance scholarship Paid

A Wings Alliance student, Paidamwoyo (Paida) Marizani, has been awarded the Arlan Hamilton & Earline Butler Sims scholarship, which is covering a large proportion of her flight training costs.

“This scholarship is truly amazing,” said Paida. “I have had a passion to fly for so many years but like many the cost of training was always a burden that was constantly on my mind.

“I was fortunate enough to have a mother who was willing to support me with my training, even though she did not know how she would truly be able to finance it.

“She was so determined to see me achieve my dream, that she would work twelve-hour night shifts six days a week as a nurse just to support me.

“Thus, this scholarship relieves so much pressure for my mother and allows me to simply focus on my studies without having to worry about her.

“I hope my story can encourage others to pursue their passions no matter what the obstacles they face. It took me such a long time to finally find financial support and I will be forever grateful to Arlan and Mrs Sims. I hope I can teach others to keep determined and understand that ‘no’, sometimes just means that there is something better coming.

“My dream is to fly for one of the major airlines in the United Kingdom and help to promote more future female pilots and more pilots from low income and diverse backgrounds,” said Paida.

Speaking about the scholarships they offer, entrepreneur Arlan said, “My mother and I aim to help catalyse underrepresented, underestimated scholars and students with a variety of interests and skills, by alleviating some of the financial burden.”

Arlan Hamilton is also helping disadvantaged black British students going to Oxford University by covering their course fees and living costs.

Assessment costs reduced

Wings Alliance is currently offering assessment – the first step in becoming a commercial pilot – at a reduced price, for a limited time, of £195 to new students. This is to further remove the barriers to potential applicants who are unsure about their capabilities and want to check that this is the right career path for them.

Meet Wings Alliance at Pilot Careers Live London on 18 April 2020. More details and tickets here