Air League 2024 Scholarship window ends soon

Various scholarships across powered-flying and gliding are available from the Air League, and the window to apply is closing soon.

Founded in 1909, the Air League is a charity that encourages people to take up careers in aerospace through a vast range of scholarships and outreach programmes. Their current scholarship window was opened on 29 January. Flying, Electric Flying and Gliding Scholarship applications close on the 31st of March.

Last year, the Air League awarded a total of 93 flying and gliding scholarships. Data from the 2023 scholarships winners shows:

  • 31% were female, far higher than the industry average of 6.5% for pilots
  • 49% under the age of 18
  • 47% were aged between 18-25
  • One in three from an ethnic or minority background
  • 50% of 2023 winners’ parents were not university educated.

The Air League.