Flight Training Adelaide expands range of simulators

Flight Training Adelaide, the fast-expanding Australian-based aviation training business, will be providing training on three Mechtronix flight simulation training devices in its new Simulation Center in Parafield Airport by the … Continued

Mechtronix delivers new CJ1 Simulators to China

A Cessna Citation CJ1 Full Flight Simulator (FFS X) and two full flight trainers (FFT) from Canadian-based flight sim manufacturer Mechtronix are to be delivered to the Civil Aviation Flight University of … Continued

Susi Air qualifies for Mechtronix Cessna simulator

Indonesian carrier Susi Air recently received FNPT II qualification for their Ascent Flight Trainer from the aviation authorities of Indonesia, DGCA. The unit, closely replicating a Cessna C172S G1000 aircraft, is … Continued