Stapleford Flight Centre takes delivery of third Tecnam 2008JC


A third brand new Tecnam 2008JC (G-OLIC) has joined the fleet at Stapleford Flight Centre.

Stapleford students training on the Jetway Integrated Course will be the main users of the new Tecnam. It was flown from its factory in Italy by Oliver Colkett, CPL student and grandson of Stapleford’s Managing Director, John Chicken. Oli explained how the 11 hour 30 minute journey, with fuelling stops in Cannes and Troyes, provided him with some useful and interesting hour-building:

“The flight from Capua to Stapleford was extremely enjoyable. We stopped along the way at some very interesting airports such as Elba and Cannes, both offering fantastic views and challenging approaches, especially Elba with its 10.5 degree descent angle.

“Cannes is a fantastic airport to visit as it offered great views of lovely boats as we were joining downwind. Also being separated by ATC from the larger corporate jets was a first for me.

“The weather was our biggest enemy on the trip, causing a diversion into Lyon Bron airport on the Cannes to Troyes leg. Funnily enough, this was fantastic as we enjoyed a lovely lunch in the airport restaurant whilst the weather cleared before our onward journey to Troyes.”

He was accompanied on the journey by CPL instructor, Asad Sher, who has flown all three Tecnams to Stapleford.