Skyborne launches own maintenance facility at Glos Airport

Skyborne MROSkyborne Airline Academy has launched its own in-house and third party maintenance facility, after being awarded UK CAA Part-CAO approval.

The in-house Fleet Support team is located at Skyborne’s headquarters at Gloucestershire Airport in the UK. The team is responsible for a variety of maintenance tasks such as all defects, scheduled inspections, and major structural checks.

Vicky Gould, Head of Maintenance at Skyborne, said, “The UK CAA Part-CAO approval took around nine months for us to obtain. We began recruiting for our team in September 2020 and quickly started setting up the maintenance facility within our hangar from the ground up.

“With the expertise of Joseph Harriss who has over 25 years in the aviation industry, and my knowledge of maintenance and operations, we have successfully created a fully-inclusive maintenance service for Skyborne and third parties.”

Ian Cooper, Chief Operating Officer at Skyborne, added, “At Skyborne we want to redefine every aspect of airline pilot training and the next obvious step was to bring our maintenance in house.

“With the launch of our new maintenance department it helps us to keep our Diamond aircraft in the sky, avoiding disruption to our flight training. We can also offer our expertise to other flight training schools and private owners with a competitive pricing structure.

“Not only does our in-house Fleet Support team enable us to keep our Diamond aircraft flying it also provides our trainees with an advantage in their ATPL theoretical knowledge, particularly the Aircraft General Knowledge module; they can walk down to the hanger and see first-hand how certain parts and systems of the aircraft function, enriching their studies.”

The team is currently made up of seven people, from the Continuing Airworthiness Manager, licenced engineers, technicians, stock controller and a team assistant.

Skyborne Airline Academy

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