Skyborne Celebrates Inaugural Graduation of IndiGo Trainees

Skyborne Airline Academy IndoGo Cadets

Skyborne Airline Academy is celebrating the graduation of its first group of trainees from their IndiGo cadet programme.

The successful completion of the training comes as a significant milestone ahead of the programme’s anticipated restart later this year.

The partnership between Skyborne and IndiGo provides trainees with an extensive 12-month training program, which begins with US FAA 141 commercial pilot training in Vero Beach, Florida. Afterward, the trainees return to India to convert their US FAA license to an Indian DGCA license. The final phase of the training takes place in Abu Dhabi, where the trainees undergo combined MCC (Multi-Crew Cooperation) and A320 type rating.

Lee Woodward, the CEO of Skyborne, expressed his pride in the graduation of the trainees. Woodward said, “It is our privilege to see 77 bright trainees graduate as resilient and highly sought-after Second Officers. We are proud that amidst uncertainty, our promise of quality, through the best education and experience possible, has and will continue to support our graduates in their pathways to becoming successful pilots for India’s leading airline.”

The 18-month IndiGo programme allows selected cadets to obtain both a US FAA and Indian DGCA Commercial Pilot’s License, as well as an Airbus A320 Type Rating. Graduates then enter the workforce and assume the role of a Junior First Officer with IndiGo.

Captain Ashim Mittra, Senior Vice President of Flight Operations at IndiGo, expressed his satisfaction with the partnership, highlighting the increasing demand for type-rated pilots in India. He acknowledged that through the collaboration with Skyborne, IndiGo can meet this demand effectively and expand its pool of well-trained Junior First Officers.

Kushagra Bisht, a recent graduate of the IndiGo programme, shared his positive experience, citing the exceptional approach to pilot training offered by Skyborne as the reason behind his decision to join the IndiGo programme. Bisht expressed his happiness with the friendships formed, the employment secured with IndiGo, and the privilege of learning from industry experts. He concluded by stating that the programme has reaffirmed his dream of becoming a pilot, and he is genuinely excited about the future prospects that await him.

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