Skyborne graduates offered chance to fly commercial drones

Skyborne drone pilot

Flying drones is becoming a serious business with medevac flights a possibility

Airline pilot jobs are in short supply at the moment and new graduate pilots might be wondering what they can do with their hard-won skills and knowledge. One answer might be to fly a drone – the full title is a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System – where subjects like air law and skills requiring hand-eye coordination plus planning are just as necessary.

Graduates from Skyborne Airline Academy can now start a new career as a drone pilot, thanks to a unique partnership with Flyby Technology, the leader in UK drone training and operation.

Newly qualified pilots from Skyborne’s UKCAA/EASA Integrated and Combined Modular ATPL programmes will be hand-selected to join Flyby Technology as commercial drone pilots, completing the company’s Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) training course.

Lee Woodward, Chief Executive Officer, Skyborne, said, “This is a first for UK pilot training. Working with Flyby Technology provides a fantastic opportunity for our graduates to build a career flying unmanned aircraft, while enhancing their pilot skills, expanding their knowledge and further developing their professionalism.

“While we recognise many of our trainees may ultimately seek airline placement once post-COVID-19 travel demand recovers, completing their drone pilot licence will result in a competitive starting salary and potentially lead them to an alternative career.”

Drone pilot

The Skyborne course will teach pilots to fly the drone out of sight, using sophisticated equipment

Skyborne graduates who complete Flyby Technology’s BVLOS course will go on to be employed as drone pilots, where they will be operating sophisticated technology in challenging commercial operations.

The UKCAA is currently reviewing legislation for BVLOS flights in non-segregated airspace, enabling pilots to potentially carry out tactical search and rescue operations, humanitarian relief, mapping, and various medical applications.

Drone view

This is what the remote pilot will see during a drone flight to inspect a wind farm. Photos: Skyborne Aviation Academy

Jon Parker, founder of Flyby Technology and also an airline pilot and former RAF fighter pilot, said, “The unmanned aircraft industry is leading the way into a new age of aviation.

“Flyby Technology is trailblazing BVLOS training which will take the flying of civilian drones to a completely new level.

“We know that Skyborne graduates are very well trained, motivated and would make ideal drone pilots once we have given them further specialist training.”

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