Ravenair and North West Aerobatics team up for CAA-approved UPRT courses

Ravenair Flying School, training provider, management and charter company have joined forces with North West Aerobatics to deliver upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT) courses.

Training for the courses will be delivered by way of ground theoretical training followed by three hours of flight training delivered on Extra 200 and Piper Turbo Arrow aircraft. 

Captain Rob Barltrop, Head of Training, North West Aerobatics said ,“We are very proud of this course – it ensures trainees will have an enjoyable and safe experience whilst embedding the principles of large aircraft upset recovery techniques. It is a flight safety critical course, and we will sleep easy that our graduates will be able to employ the life-saving skills during their careers if called upon do to so.”

UPRT training is now mandatory for pilots before they train for their first type rating. Ravenair and North West Aerobatics are expecting EASA Approval soon, with their first CAA courses starting at the end of September. The UPRT course will be priced at £1,850 including VAT.