New simulator ATC training facilities at Stansted


A state-of-the-art air traffic control simulator and training facility has been successfully installed by NATS at Stansted Airport. The new 3D aerodrome simulator offers air traffic controllers the chance to practice their skills and train for unusual circumstances or emergencies in the safety of a realistic, but simulated environment.

The new facility will allow the airport’s controllers to interact in real time with training specialists at NATS’ headquarters in Hampshire who play the role of airline pilots in order to make the training as realistic as possible.

The entire facility is managed remotely by NATS, helping to save the airport money, while it could also be used to help train airfield drivers.

Martin Ruddy, General Manager at Stansted Airport, said, “The new simulator has been successfully installed and used by our air traffic controllers for the training of emergencies. Having the specialist unit is extremely beneficial for our air traffic controllers to increase the amount and quality of their training. With our airport partners we’re exploring the potential use of the facility for training airfield drivers.”

Nick Millar, Stansted Airport’s Head of Airside Operations, said, “We’re delighted that NATS is installing the latest in air traffic training and simulation technology at Stansted. The new system will further enhance the training facilities for air traffic controllers and airfield staff at Stansted.”