L3 places huge order for 240 aircraft with Piper

L3 Commercial Aviation has selected Piper Aircraft to supply up to 240 new aircraft to expand and modernise the fleet across its Airline Academy pilot training sites.

The fleet will support growing demand for its cadet pilot programmes in light of the global shortage of pilots.

“Many cadets tell us that the first time they take to the skies is one of the most exhilarating and important moments within their training journey,” said Geoff van Klaveren, vice president of Airline Academy, part of L3 Commercial Aviation.

“That’s why we are continuously exploring ways to improve both the quality and capacity of our training facilities.

“This significant investment will help us provide the highest-quality training while meeting the increasing international demand for new pilots from our airline customers.”

The new fleet will be equipped with the latest technology used on commercial jets, providing an up-to-date training environment for pilots of the future as they prepare for their goal of joining a commercial airline. As part of the deal, the first 26 aircraft will arrive this year and will include 19 single-engine Piper Archers and seven twin-engine Piper Seminoles.

The new aircraft will feature glass cockpits and include the latest safety equipment, such as Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B), complementing and supporting the current fleet.

The new aircraft will be based at L3’s Airline Academies in Florida,  Ponte de Sor, Portugal, and in the UK.

L3 Commercial Aviation
Piper Aircraft