Jet Masterclass to offer APS MCC with FTA Global

FTA Jet Masterclass Boeing simulator

The APS MCC course uses a Boeing simulator to prepare pilots for the type rating course


FTA Global, a commercial flight school based at Brighton City Airport, is upgrading its Multi-Crew Cooperation Course (MCC) to include Jet Orientation (JOC) & Airline Readiness Training.

The new MCC/JOC and Airline Readiness training comes at the end of a student’s commercial pilot training and aims to prepare them for a career as a First Officer.

Should it be required, the MCC/JOC can be upgraded to enhanced APS (Airline Pilot Standards), an EASA qualification that is recognised as highly desireable by Europe’s major airlines.

The MCC/JOC or APS MCC course will be delivered by FTA’s new training partner Jet Masterclass, a leading training provider with strong ties to airline management teams.

All of the MCC/JOC and APS MCC training will be delivered by Boeing instructors with airline experience on a fixed-base B737-800W simulator, at the Jet Masterclass training facility near London Gatwick Airport.

Jet Masterclass

Jet Masterclass at Gatwick will be running the APS MCC course for FTA Global


Frank Jukes, director and head of training at Jet Masterclass explained the additional benefits the APS MCC course offers: “Our APS course seeks to develop a wider appreciation for jet aerodynamics and handling, management of complex non-normal situations and advanced airline scenarios.

“The 20 additional flying hours (including FFS) are designed to develop a pilot’s handling ability and flight deck management to the levels expected of a qualified line pilot.

“Students will operate in adverse weather conditions, low visibility operations, manage different cabin scenarios and polish their PAs to perfection.”

The APS MCC course includes:

  • 15 training days (typically scheduled Mon-Fri)
  • Final check (required to be completed to EASA test standard)
  • 38 hours of practical training (19 x PF, 19 x PM) on a B737-800W fixed-base FTD
  • 2 hours of practical training (1 x PF, 1 x PM) on a B737-800W full-motion FFS
  • 43 hours of theoretical training
  • Printed training manual and progress tests
  • iPad use during the course
  • Gym access and shower facilities
  • Lounge, library, free WiFi, free tea/coffee/water
  • Free graduate access to online 737 systems CBT.

FTA Global