Iberia chooses FTEJerez as official training provider

Iberia has appointed FTEJerez as the official flight training provider of the airline’s future pilots.

In this new Mentored Airline Pilot Scheme, selected candidates will commence their training at FTEJerez early in 2018 joining FTE’s AFOP (Airline First Officer Programme). Following 62 weeks of training in Jerez, the graduates will transition to an Airbus type rating and first officer role with the airline on successful completion of their Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) course.

FTEJerez CEO, Oscar Sordo, said, “We are extremely proud of Iberia’s decision to entrust FTEJerez with the training of the airline’s next generation first officers and future captains.”

Successful candidates will have to fund the AFOP themselves at €117,000 including VAT, plus an Airbus 320 Type Rating at €11,350, making a total cost of €128,350.

The Iberia AFOP will be opening for application on 27 November. Further details can be found on FTE’s website www.ftejerez.com/iberia