Helispeed agrees 12-month pilot supply with Morocco’s Heliconia

Heliconia AW139

Heliconia operates a fleet of helicopters, such as this AW139, in various roles including offshore. Photo: Heliconia


Blackpool pilot agency  Helispeed has agreed a 12-month deal with Morocco-based Heliconia Aero Solutions to support the company with the provision of qualified helicopter pilots.

The agreement will see Helispeed provide Heliconia with pilots from its HeliTrax database of over 800 highly-trained and vetted pilots, based throughout the world.

Marrakesh headquartered Heliconia has a fleet of Eurocopter and Agusta helicopters to deliver services, including offshore transportation, aerial surveying and VIP transport. Helispeed will provide pilots who will operate predominantly in Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal.

Gemma Walker Helispeed

Gemma Walker, ops director of Helispeed


Gemma Walker, Operations Director, Helispeed, said, “This agreement will allow Heliconia Aero Solutions to continue its fantastic work in a seamless manner, with the reassurance that our highly-trained and professional pilots will be provided quickly and at short notice, for both their short and long term operations.”