Helicentre opens pilot scholarships for 2017

Helicentre Aviation Academy is seeking enthusiastic and motivated applicants for its Professional Helicopter Pilot Scholarships to be awarded in 2017 with a value of around £70,000. It’s the fifth year of the scholarships.

If you feel you would be a suitable candidate, register your interest via the link below and a member of Heliccentre’s scholarships team will contact you to discuss the pre-entry criteria and invite you to visit us for an informal chat.

Helicentre Aviation Academy has already awarded training scholarships to 11 helicopter pilots since 2013. The winners have benefitted from financial assistance with their professional training as well as employment opportunities. Read about Helicentre’s previous scholarship winners on the website.

Applications for the 2017 Scholarships are now open:

  • Commercial Helicopter Pilot Scholarship
  • Helicopter Flight Instructor Scholarship

The application deadline for all scholarships is 30 September 2017. This means you must have completed the entry requirements (i.e. met the standard required to apply) and submitted your form by the close of business on this date.

Helicentre also suggests speaking to its scholarships team on 0116 259 0186 for some friendly advice on how to start training to be a helicopter pilot and apply for a scholarship.

Helicentre Scholarships