FTA announces degree course with Bucks New University

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FTA made the announcement of a new BSc (Hons) in Air Transport with Commercial Pilot Training degree at the Heathrow Professional Flight Training Exhibition, in partnership with Buckinghamshire New University.

The degree is aimed at students who wish to take the Integrated Flight Deck Programme and obtain a recognised degree in aviation, with a view to pursuing a career in airline, airside operations or the airport industry. It’s particularly aimed at those wishing to qualify as commercial pilots and/or in aviation management roles. The degree offers total immersion in aviation, culminating in a BSc (Hons) in Air Transport with Commercial Pilot Training for students wishing to gain an honours degree, after completing a foundation degree. By partnering with Buckinghamshire New University, FTA will focus on pilot training, which is their specialism and the university will focus on the academic aspects of the degree.

Jonathan Candelon, Managing Director at FTA, explained, “With airlines now looking for more from new pilots, in terms of enhanced qualifications and commercial understanding, this new degree will give students a competitive advantage when applying to airlines upon completion of their course. We wanted to make sure, with the creation of this degree, that we’re offering a students an edge when applying for jobs in this competitive environment, and we feel the degree does just that. Also, should their path not go quite to plan, the degree gives them an element of flexibility to ensure they have even more options in their future.”

FTA is keen to stress that commercial pilots can have an impact on the profit of each flight. By understanding the economics, management and financial aspects of aviation, they can help to make cost savings for their respective airlines. FTA understands that it’s a real advantage to be more educated in terms of aviation management, for future employment prospects and to maximise job choices. Pilots trained in this way can benefit bottom line profit for their airline; a key selling point for students applying to airlines or aviation management roles after graduation. 

Jonathan continued, ‘FTA has chosen to partner with Buckinghamshire New University, the pioneers of aviation wrap-around degrees, because the university has substantial experience gained over many years and their lecturers are aviation qualified. Buckinghamshire New University offers flexibility and the ability to adapt courses to fit with airline and industry requirements,’ adding, ‘With this new degree, pilot theory is balanced against academic credits, thereby adding great value to the course at minimal cost and broadening student choices upon graduation. Graduates will be able to consider jobs in aviation management or operations, in addition to pilot roles.’

The pilot training element of the new degree course with FTA is all completed in the UK.  

The application process will take place online, via FTA and prospective students will apply to Buckinghamshire New University for the academic part of the degree. Entry requirements will be 280 UCAS points, 2 A levels, a Maths and Science GCSE (C grade or above) plus good English language skills. Students will have access to student and maintenance loans, to cover a portion of the course, depending upon their status. The new degree course will be available from March 2015.