Flight school goes digital with Private-Radar


Managing a busy flight school is a huge logistics task full of responsibility. Students to keep track of, instructors to roster, aircraft to manage and maintain, and all needing impeccable record-keeping.

It’s a situation tailor-made for a computerised, digital management system and that’s what Private-Radar is claiming for its Flight School Management System and Aircraft Tracking System. The system has recently been chosen by Czech operator Blue Sky Aviation.

Blue Sky Aviation, located in Velka Dobra, Czech Republic, operates a fleet of eight Cessna aircraft, a Cabri G2 helicopter and a certified FNTP II simulator. It provides pilot training from zero to EASA ATPL.

“Private-Radar is a great tool for every flight school who wants to optimise their daily operations, from efficiency to safety,” said Blue Sky.

“It’s intuitive, functional, easy-to-setup and offers an all-in-one solution. They are also very flexible. The Private-Radar team has been working closely with us to create some custom features specific to our flight school. We are very excited to also have Private-Radar’s Aircraft Tracking System that allows us to record all of our flights automatically.”

Blue Sky Aviation will be able to provide all their staff, students and management a fully digital experience. Instructors will be able to do in-flight evaluations and have access to all training records 24/7 through Private-Radar’s cloud application. The Aircraft Tracking System automatically logs in flights, improve safety, and the training experience.

Blue Sky Aviation