#AvTalent: a new way to promote aviation people

AvTalentA social media campaign has been launched to recognise the skills of people who have worked in the aviation industry and help any whom have been made redundant find work.

Resilient Pilot, a free pilot peer support and mentoring service, and pilot training and assessment company, Flight Pad have launched the #AvTalent campaign.

Karen Bath, co-founder of Resilient Pilot said, “Airline personnel are highly-trained, hi-calibre individuals – a recruiter’s dream!

“The priority is to support them back into airline employment where possible. However, there are very few such opportunities at present and, as it currently seems, for the foreseeable future.

“The airline industry will inevitably lose some of these talented people for ever, but our industry’s loss will be someone else’s gain.

“We have launched #AvTalent to help pilots – and indeed other airline personnel – spot jobs that their skills are suited to, and to enable recruiters to attract high calibre individuals to their business.”

Recruiters are encouraged to simply tag opportunities that lend themselves to the many transferable skills airline personnel possess using #AvTalent.

The campaign goes one step further to ensure all talented aviation personnel are similarly recognised.

Additional hashtags such as – #AvTalent #Pilots, #AvTalent #CabinCrew, #AvTalent #GroundCrew, #AvTalent #Maintenance, #AvTalent #Ops will help to fine-tune the competencies recruiters desire, so that those seeking employment can easily spot roles suited to their well-earned skills.


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ANNOUNCEMENT!! We’ve teamed up with @flight_pad to launch #AvTalent – a simple campaign to help airline personnel spot jobs suited to their skills and recruiters find their dream candidates! We encourage recruiters to use #AvTalent when posting jobs suited to airline personnel and everyone to repost suitable jobs adding #AvTalent. Take it one step further by adding role specific hashtags such as #AvTalent #Pilots, #AvTalent #cabincrew, #AvTalent #engineers, #AvTalent #Ops, #AvTalent #Groundcrew… you get the idea! Airline personnel can follow #AvTalent (and their role specific hashtag) to quickly spot job opportunities with companies that recognise the fantastic transferable skills you all have to offer. For more info follow the link in our bio #resilientpilot #resilience #inthistogether #hanginthere

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CEO for Flight Pad, Andy Perkins, said, “As an example, pilots are highly-trained individuals whose competencies are tested regularly to ensure safety standards are maintained.

“They are used to working in pressured, safety focused environments; solving complex problems and making crucial decisions; working with diverse teams and customer groups; and taking responsibility for staff and passenger lives, as well as high tech, expensive assets.

“Not to mention the anti-social hours, the need for flexibility and always having a ‘plan B’ up their sleeve for when things don’t go to plan. The list goes on. What business wouldn’t benefit from such attributes?”

Resilient Pilot and Flight Pad are calling upon recruitment companies, agencies and recruiters to adopt #AvTalent and role specific hashtags. Airline personnel can then follow #AvTalent and their role-specific hashtags to quickly spot opportunities.

More information can be found at resilientpilot.com and flightpad.co.uk