British Airways re-opens applications for newly qualified pilots

British Airways

British Airways has re-opened the Newly Qualified Pilot Pathway (NQPP), allowing applicants with a UK Part-FCL licence to apply for a job with the airline. 

The job advert, now live on BA’s careers site, lists the minimum criteria to apply as:

  • Completed all aspects of training
  • Be in possession of a UK Part-FCL Licence, or have submitted their licence application to the CAA.
  • Applicants with an EASA Licence who have not yet initiated a licence conversion via the UK CAA or started this after the 31st of December 2022 or hold an ICAO Licence, can apply only when the process is complete and a UK Part-FCL is held. 

Applicants who do not meet the minimum criteria will not be processed and will be unable to reapply for 6 months following their initial application.

In addition, BA details that applicants should not apply if they have completed their ATPL groundschool,  CPL/IR and APS MCC at one of their five ‘Whitetail ATOs’. The training organisations that BA has partnered with for its Whitetail programe are CAE, FTE Jerez, L3 Harris, Leading Edge Avation and Skyborne.

Additional application considerations are:

  • UK Class 1 flight crew medical – 6 months validity from date of joining
  • An average ATPL Ground School score of 85% and above with no more than three resits (2020 syllabus and previous syllabus accepted)
  • No more than 1 recourse
  • No more than 3 training providers
  • First series pass in both CPL and ME/IR
  • Training completed no earlier than 1st January 2020
  • aUPRT
  • UK Part-FCL licence
  • Final Report provided by ATO citing exceptional training performance and motivation for career

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