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Signing the order at Heli UK Expo. From left: Andy Moorhouse, Cotswold Helicopter Centre, Sarah Bowen, Helicentre Aviation, Oliver Heynes, Cotswold Helicopter Centre

Helicentre Aviation Places €1m Order for Guimbal Cabri G2 Helicopters.

2nd July 2014 12:38

A purchase of three additional Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopters will expand Helicentre’s growing Cabri fleet to ten by early 2016…

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75 years of pilot training at Oxford

25th June 2014 17:42

CAE Oxford Aviation Academy is celebrating 75 years of pilot training at London Oxford Airport. To mark the occasion, CAE would…

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Lufthansa Flight Training

Lufthansa Flight Training

18th June 2014 15:44

Berlin-based airline Germania, is training its pilots at Lufthansa Flight Training again after a two-year break. The airline, which is…

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AirlinePrep launches new app to offer support through airline and cadet selection

15th May 2014 17:07

If you’ve ever attended a job interview for any career, you will know that the most common advice you will…

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Passionate trainee pilot earns flight of a lifetime

2nd April 2014 12:52

Tom Hall, 19, has had a passion for aviation since he can remember. Now training for a Commercial Pilots Licence…

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RAeS conference provides Flight MH370 analysis

1st April 2014 11:23

During the three weeks since the disappearance of flight MH370, there have been many theories put forward as to what…

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