Ultimate High approved for UPRT training

loss of control UPRT

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Ultimate High has been approved by the CAA to deliver Upset Recovery Training (UPRT) to airline pilots – the first in the UK.

Better known for its advanced flying and aerobatic training courses, Goodwood-based Ultimate High has highly experienced former military and senior commercial pilots providing specialised UPRT across the whole range of aviation sectors.

“We have been actively involved in helping drive the industry to address the challenges arising from Loss Of Control In Flight, including being the only UK flying school to participate in the EASA Rule Making Group on UPRT,” said Mark Greenfield, founder and CEO of Ultimate High.

“We have worked with a variety of airlines, ATOs and commercial and business operators to materially enhance crews’ ability to avoid, recognise and recover from flight upsets resulting from LOC-I.

“With expertise in delivering academic, on-aircraft and flight simulator based UPRT, including ‘Train the Trainer’ programmes, our services have been critically acclaimed by our clients and our regulator.”

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