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Top Ten Scenic Airports 2017

As an airline pilot, you’re going to fly into some of the most spectacular places on Earth and this year’s Top Ten Scenic Airport list probably includes a few of them.

This list was created by business aviation firm PrivateFly who said, “Thousands of global travel fans voted in PrivateFly’s annual Scenic Airports Poll this year. Over 122 different airports around the world received a mention, including those chosen and shortlisted by our expert judging panel.

“Our Top 10 are those which received the most votes. This year’s rundown is most definitely a unique mix – with some well-known landings (including previous winners) and also some newcomers, which have flown into the list for the first time.”

The Top Ten

Saba Airport
Winner: Saba Airport. Photo: Fyodor Borisov

1 Saba (Juancho E Yrausquin) Airport, Caribbean
“Cliffs, ocean and an adrenaline pumping experience when you land feet above a seaside cliff and come to halting stop before the other seaside cliff. Lastly the breath taking view of a lush, green mountain sticking up out of the sea.”

2 Donegal Airport, Ireland
“Breathtaking, stunning, wild, dramatic. You will not see anything like it anywhere else on earth. An Irish welcome awaits every visitor.”

3 Nice Cote d’Azur Airport, France
“Spectacular mountain backdrop, the gorgeous CÖte d’Azur and skimming in over the blue and turquoise Mediterranean.”

4 Gibraltar Airport, Gibraltar
“Coming in from either East or West, the approach offers amazing views of this jewel of the Med. It also has one of the shortest runways and always provides entertainment on landing. Love Gib to bits.”

5 Queenstown Airport, New Zealand
“Views over a lake not seen anywhere else in the world. Azure blue to great depths preceded by mountains covered in snow on either side as you approach in Winter. Absolutely stunning!”

6 London City Airport, UK
“The approach to London City Airport opens up a dazzling, distant and proud skyline. When the plane sweeps down on the city heart jump full of joy. London ‘I love you’.”

7 St Maarten Airport, Caribbean
“The beautiful scene of the plane coming in over the sea and and the thrilling experience of seing the low landing makes for some of the most beautiful pictures.”

8 Orlando Melbourne International Airport, USA
“The mixture of the sea view to the East and the NASA launching pads to the North during a beautiful Florida sunrise make it a really cool and beautiful experience.”

9 Barra Airport, UK
“Its natural beauty is breathtaking, and landing on the beach has to be a no. 1 bucket list ‘must do’.”

10 Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, Canada
“The city skyline of this airport as you approach over Lake Ontario is spectacular, particularly at night. I always try to be on the side of plane so I can see the CN Tower.”