Surge in Pilot Training at Alpha Aviation Group Signals Post-Pandemic Recovery

The Philippines-based Alpha Aviation Group (AAG) has reported its largest intake of cadet pilots since the Covid-19 pandemic, indicating a resurgence in the airline industry and a growing demand for pilots.

A joint graduation ceremony was held in March 2023, celebrating 21 cadet pilots from five different groups who successfully completed AAG’s Airline Pilot Program (APP).

Since April 2022, over 60 cadets have been inducted into the APP, reflecting a significant rise in pilot training post-pandemic. Boasting the region’s largest fleet with 32 aircraft, AAG holds a competitive edge in the industry and can accommodate up to 150 cadets annually.

Andrea Zion Mandocdoc, First Officer and graduate with distinction from APP Batch 49, expressed her pride in breaking barriers in the male-dominated aviation industry, urging fellow pilots to be ready for new opportunities as the sector recovers.

In March, 11 cadet pilots advanced to the A320 type rating phase, an extensive program that allows cadets to transition from light aircraft to modern commercial jets within three months. AAG also held its first Airline Pilot Career Orientation in Novotel Manila Araneta City, providing advice and information to about 100 aspiring cadets and parents.

In addition to its flagship pilot training programs, AAG has expanded its offerings to include industry-leading maintenance training. Recently, AAG won a tender to deliver a program for over 300 students from Holy Angel University.

The AAG International Center for Aviation Training’s Maintenance Training Center saw nine trainees graduate from the Aviation Maintenance Internship Program last month. This comprehensive program equips students with hands-on experience in areas such as aircraft maintenance, avionics, and aircraft systems, while exposing them to the latest technology and equipment in the industry.

Maria Rufina Santos, AAG Head of Student Affairs and Client Relations, expressed delight in the increased number of cadets joining their training centre. She stated that AAG’s ambition is to become the premier aviation training solutions provider in the Asia-Pacific region, with its recent expansion into maintenance training catering to the growing demand.