Simtech Aviation

  • Approved Training Organisation

Simtech Aviation is an award winning APS and MCC/JOC training provider with nearly 20 years experience, working with both airlines and cadets.

As a training provider, our instructors are key to our success. They are all IAA/EASA approved pilots who hold a range of training positions such as TRE/TRI and Captain.

At Simtech, our reach is global and our reputation for quality is known internationally. Our facilities are cutting-edge with fully equipped classrooms and are 100% Covid-19 compliant.

We operate a fleet of Fixed-base (Boeing 737-800NG & generic XJ) and Full-motion (Airbus 320 and an ATR72-600) simulators in our purpose built, state of the art facility, located beside Dublin Airport.

Future cadets are guided along their journey with a dedicated team who help and liaise with cadets before, during and after their time at Simtech Aviation. As an ATO which works closely with airlines, we are able to advise cadets of upcoming First Officer roles while preparing cadets to individual airline requirements.


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Dublin, Ireland

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