REVIEW: Pilot Aptitude Test

PATPCN reviewer, Jack Godwin, puts Pilot Aptitude Test, a new release for aspiring pilot cadets to the test…

Pilot Aptitude Test is a unique website, specialising in helping potential new pilots to prepare themselves for aptitude tests, which most integrated flight training organisations will require, in order to be accepted on to a commercial flight training course. It can also be used by qualified pilots to help refresh their skills. states that it is the best way to prepare yourself for an aptitude test or COMPASS test within the UK. With an easy to use format, good visual references and simplistic design, it certainly does look promising!

To get things started, the user is required to sign up and purchase either a 30 or 60 day basic subscription (£12.99 or £18.99 respectively). Users can also try a free sample exam, before purchasing. Once this has been done, the user can then login into their account and get started using either a desktop version or a mobile site that also runs very well on tablets and other mobile devices.

The web-based application covers many aspects of the aptitude tests set by flight training organisations and is very accurate to the smallest details. Interactive activities covered include areas such as Orientation, Control, Tracking, Guidance and Command. There are also practise tests, which are very similar to those set by FTOs, and these consist of aviation, science and maths related questions. There are many other sections as well, which are very well displayed, and these include things such as pattern recognition exercises and informative PDFs which are available for download.

The portal is very well organised with related exercises being grouped together into sections. The different activities and practise tests are very easy to use and user friendly, and as a cadet myself, I would definitely use this service. It’s a very useful and incredibly beneficial service that will help you when preparing yourself for aptitude tests with flight training organisations, which is also very reasonably priced. Subscriptions are also available to purchase offline, the main distributor being Pooleys Flight Equipment.

Overall, the website is something that is definitely worth a go if you have an upcoming aptitude test with a school – the layout is very clear, easy to use and reasonably priced too. I would recommend this to other users that are getting ready to start commercial flight training.

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