REVIEW: AirlinePrep App

alp_app_promo_1PCN reviewer, Jack Godwin, puts AirlinePrep’s new App release for pilots and cadets to the test…

AirlinePrep’s app is an innovative and clever new application aimed for pilots that have completed their ATPL training and are entering the job market, as well as for people looking to start training with some of the industry’s leading Approved Training Organisations (ATO). It’s designed to help pilots prepare for airline interviews and assessments which they may find themselves sitting in the near future. It covers many aspects of the selection processes and also includes subjects.

The user downloads the app from the airline prep website, and then simply installs it on their iPhone/iPad. A slight limitation is that the app is designed to work with Apple products only. Once installed, the user can then choose which service to purchase, as well as which specific airline/company assessment package they want. The main app content costs £35, and the airline specific briefs range from £10 to £20.

Once the user has opened the app, there are many different sections, which have been carefully designed for different aspects of the interview. The app works through many different elements, these include: the interview, group exercise skills, tips on mental arithmetic, ATPL theory brush up, Verbal reasoning, application forms and CVs, general preparation and Simulator assessment.

There is then also a section specific for airline or company skills assessments, which have been carefully tailored in order to represent what the user will experience in an assessment with the specific company. These include some of the major European airlines and flight training organisations.

The app itself is very easy to use, with step-by-step guides through each section, where information is displayed offering advice as well as interactive exercises. It also includes ways in which to help you remember key points for each section. For example, in the decision-making section, it offers useful acronyms to remember ways to tackle problems.

The app is packed with very helpful information and I would definitely recommend this app for pilots looking for jobs as well as for individuals who are looking to start commercial training. It is very thorough with the information and goes from revision through to the crew models used by airlines today in a step by step manner. The layout is very clear, with good visual references and it is concise and easy to read. I hope to use this when looking to apply for airlines.

You can find out more about the App and AirlinePrep here.


Jack Godwin is a reviewer for Pilot Career News. He began flying at 14, completing his  first solo flight on his 16th birthday in a Cessna 172 and achieving his PPL on his 17th birthday. He is currently a pilot cadet at CAE Oxford Aviation Academy, having begun his commercial training at 18.