Quality Fly launches new integrated ATPL course packed with latest features

Quality Fly ATPL

A Quality Fly student in the left seat of a Tecnam P2002 JF training aircraft. All photos: Quality Fly

Madrid-based Quality Fly has launched a new integrated ATPL  course with all the latest elements including APS MCC, Upset Recovery (UPRT), and Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes (KSA).

Quality Fly’s course also includes training in a Full Flight Simulator and, surprisingly, in a glider.

The Airline Pilot Standard Multi Crew Cooperation course, APS MCC, is a new course that builds on the classic MCC training with knowledge of aircraft systems, advanced aircraft operation scenarios, advanced swept-wing jet training and core competencies assessment.

The APS MCC was developed by EASA to ensure that future pilots meet the high standards required by the airlines, and not need extra training when it comes to taking a type rating.

Students of the integrated Quality Fly course will complete their training with an APS MCC course with the latest generation FFS level D simulators.

The course is taught entirely in English across the intake of international students, with personalised follow-up tuition sessions and career advice sessions.

Quality Fly is holding an online Open Day on 20 March. Click here for more details.

Quality Fly student

After SEP training, students move up to the Tecnam P2006 twin for the MEP rating

Quality Fly GTA FFS

Towards the end of the ATPL course, students train in a Full Flight Simulator operated by GTA, for the APS MCC element

Quality Fly Tecnam twin

Tscnam P2006 twin taxying

Quality Fly on approach

… and this is the reward. Landing at sunset after a perfect day’s flying! Who wouldn’t want to be a pilot…