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Professional Pilot Higher Apprenticeship framework to be in place by spring 2013

Simon Witts from the Aviation Skills Network prepares the stand at the Professional Flight Training Exhibition

In June of this year, it was announced that a new Higher Apprenticeship would be developed by City & Guilds that would lead to a commercial pilot’s licence. It has now been announced that this scheme will be known as the Professional Pilot Higher Apprenticeship (PPHA) and will involve the Aviation Skills Partnership and the UK CAA.

A team from the PPHA was present at the Professional Flight Training Exhibition on 3 November, with Simon Witts, MD of the Aviation Skills Network and Ray Elgy, Head of Licensing from the UK CAA, explaining that the result will be an apprenticeship route to a pilot qualification, which will be equivalent to an Honours degree

The first trial apprenticeship intake is expected to begin in March 2013, with Jet2 to train the first intake of cadets.

Simon explained, “The focus of the scheme is to increase the accessibility of training for pilots and make it easier across the board for people to gain a pilot qualification.” He added, “There is forecast to be a shortage of pilots and we want to increase the ease of access for those aspiring to enter this profession and who may be unable to do so, possibly due to the cost of the training.”

This scheme hopes to be able to secure student-loan type funding for pilots. Simon further explained, “The apprenticeship will encapsulate all of the required elements to reach the ATPL with an aircraft type rating, through a MPL (Multi-Pilot Licence) or integrated training route, but since it will be an educational framework with an entry point equivalent to the first year of a degree, eligible students should be able to qualify for a grant or loan.”

The PPHA will combine recognised pilot training from FTOs with an academic higher qualification which will be similar in structure to an Honours degree and will cover areas such as engineering and maintenance and ATC, as well as the usual pilot theory. This will give trainee pilots the option of a career change if a cadet cannot see the training through to the final pilot qualification. It is the academic side of the apprenticeship that is hoped will allow cadets to apply for government student loans. The scheme is also being part funded by the National Apprenticeship Service to encourage the development and take up of higher apprenticeships that are equivalent to degrees.

Ray Elgy, Head of Licensing at the CAA, added that the UK CAA is thoroughly behind the new scheme and will be working with both universities and FTOs to produce a standard format which airlines can use to offer an apprenticeship. The scheme will also be exploring the possibility of removing VAT on flight training.

It is planned that both airlines and FTOs will be involved with the scheme, with practise elements of the training being carried out by the FTOs. According to Mr Witts, the scheme will be developed by the airlines, for the airlines, with variations between each airline’s offered Higher Apprenticeship. Currently Jet2 are agreed to take on the first ten apprentices, with other airlines considering apprenticeships.

For more information about the scheme and for pre-entry requirements as they become available, email enquiries@aviationskillspartnership.com or visit http://www.simonwitts.co.uk/Site/The_Aviation_Skills_Partnership_%26_Network.html


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  • Joshua Barham

    Dear Simon,

    I would very much like to apply to be one of those ten cadets with Jet2. How can I go about applying?

    Kind regards,

    Joshua Barham

  • Dave

    Sounds a great scheme but I bet it will be over subscrbed. My son has decided to go down the engineering route as the cost for pilot training is above and beyond what we can afford, and with no job guarantees at the end and the new style contracts on offer from airlines, the career as a pilot doesn’t look particularly attractive with peaks and troughs in pilot demands and long term lay off’s which we have recently seen in the industry.

  • waqar iqbal

    I would like to know what and when the recruitment process is for the Pilot apprenticeships and if a college qualification will acceptable

  • Jason Robinson

    Hi, my name is Jason. Being a Pilot has always been my dream. Today i was searching on the internet trying to find a way to make this dream a reality. I searched Pilot Apprenticeship. I was glad to see an Apprenticeship for Pilots now as i know that schools i looked up was very costly. I am currently in Local Union 103 Operating Engineers Apprenticeship Program that has college credits. Im in my 3rd year. I started in the construction industry when I was 20 years old, I am now 35. I finished the Apprenticeship and Training program for Laborers Union Local 274. This was a 4 year program with college credits. I enjoy operating heavy equipment, though it can be rough on the body. As a student at Local 103, my instructors have often told me that I catch on very fast. That is definitely a strength that I have is learning things very quickly, as I am eager to learn and absorb information. I have excellent hand eye coordination and navigation skills, as some of our machines are equipped with G.P.S. Flying a helicopter is on our out of work card, though i dont know anyone out of our local that has a pilots license to fly a helicopter. It would be a good idea i think if we as operators could come train at your facility as well. I would be the first if I were to be granted this wonderful opportunity. Thank you so much for your time and I hope to hear back from you in the near future.

    Jason R. Robinson

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    My name is AMOS M CLAUDIAN, and I am doing my FOUNDATION IN ENGINEERING for one year at AIMST University which I finished up on JUNE 2012. I have select to take part in Aviation because is my dream. During this TRAINING program, I will have the opportunity to meet students from different cultures and interact with experts in this career.

    Personal discipline has always been an important part of my life. I set high goals and standards for myself and always see it throughout. One example of this is scouting. I started at age six as a Cub Scout, completing the full Boy Scout program and reaching the top rank of Eagle Scout ten years later.

    I am looking to become a commercial airline pilot but I do not have the funds required to cover the training costs. I want to Get a loan from the bank, but have got high rate. I have looked to you that you can offer a pilot sponsorship that can pays for all the training, and I return, and I work for you a certain amount of years, slowly paying you back. I am planning to hold a small event to thank my sponsor and to share my experiences with you.

    I believe this is the right time for me to apply. If you want more information, you are free to contact me at my residence on +255653672487.Your sponsorship and support would help me in my attempt. I RECEIVE my medical class one from (DCAM) MALAYSIA. Thank you for your support and advance.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Amos M Claudian.

  • Jason McCarthy

    Could i please have some information such as entry requirements for this project.



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