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Phoenix Helicopters offers hour-building in Swiss Alps

Phoenix Helicopters Swiss Alps

UK flight training company Phoenix Helicopters has made another international partnership – students on its professional pilot training course now have the option for hour-building in the Swiss Alps.

The tie-up with top Swiss flying school, SwiftCopters, is the third such partnership Phoenix Helicopters has made. SwiftCopters is based at Geneva and the flying will include mountain flying, unique landings, international airports and much more.

Phoenix Helicopters has bases at Blackbushe Airport, Surrey and also at Solent Airport on the south coast. It has already linked up with helicopter training firms in the US and Canada to offer hour-building.

Phoenix Helicopters Swiss Alps
Hour-building in the Swiss Alps – yes please!


Hillsboro Aero Academy, in Oregon on the US west coast, is one of the largest helicopter and aircraft flight academies in the US. It offers flying in the diverse weather and terrain of Oregon including coastline, mountain ranges and high desert.

In Canada, Phoenix has teamed with BC Helicopters in Vancouver to offer flying around mountains, glaciers and lakes.

Phoenix Helicopters