One Air acquires first Alsim AL42 sim in Spain

Alsim AL42 One Air Group Malaga Spain

The first Alsim AL42 FSTD flight simulator in Spain has been acquired by One Air flight training school based at Malaga International Airport.

The school operates a fleet of Diamond aircraft including the DA42 light twin used for MEP and IFR training.

The AL42 is built with original aircraft parts including the DA42’s Garmin G1000 NXi glass cockpit, a screen of backup instruments, GFC 700 autopilot and a global database of airports in 3D. The AL42 is designed and approved for the training of CPL, ME-IR and PPL, with all the current standards and regulations.

The school already has an Alsim ALX FNATP II which simulate the Diamond DA20 two-seat and DA40 four-seat single engine aircraft.

Alsim AL42

One Air Group Director, Agustín Cabanillas, said, “Just as we are committed to a great manufacturer for our entire fleet of mono-engine and bi-motor aircraft, Diamond, it is essential for us to minimise the differences in the simulated flight a real flight with the latest technology. We achieve this by trusting in Alsim.

“For us, it is a breakthrough to improve the safety and understanding of flight procedures, thus minimising human error, by teaching parts of the instrumental phase (IR) and other courses in a simulator such as the Alsim AL42, which is an exact replica of the Diamond DA42. We consider the device a complement for a better training and standardisation.”

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