Leading Edge Aviation launches VECTOR programme for distance learning

Leading Edge Aviation has announced the launch of the new distance learning programme called ‘Vector’, allowing aspirational pilots to complete ground school studies remotely.

Leading Edge was the first ATO (Approved Training Organisation) to resume training by providing an online option, and the arrival of VECTOR is intended to capitalise on this success. 

VECTOR aims to go beyond just self-study, having been developed by  Leading Edge Aviation’s team of experienced instructors and e-learning specialists to support a student’s individual learning needs. The programme uses ‘blended learning’ to pull complementary subjects together.

Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor, Matthew Woods commented “We are delighted to be able to expand our training expertise to support those future commercial pilots studying independently. Training for the ATPL theoretical knowledge exams is challenging so having our team of highly experienced specialist Instructors leading the way is the best route to success.”  

The course is supported by a dedicated Distance Learning Manager (DLM), and in addition to support from their experienced Theoretical Knowledge Instructor team, students will also have access to a dedicated MS Teams group, allowing contact with other students. Further learning support materials include Pad Pilot eBooks, bespoke question banks, progress tests and subject qualifying exams.

Consolidation study weeks form part of the course and can be attended in academy or virtually.

Find out more about training with Leading Edge Aviation here