Leading Edge Aviation Introduces ‘Deposit Refund Guarantee’

Leading Edge Aviation

In a move designed to alleviate the concerns of aspiring pilots navigating an increasingly uncertain industry landscape, Leading Edge Aviation has rolled out a ‘Deposit Refund Guarantee.’

The new offer aims to provide a financial safety net for students who later secure a position in an airline-funded training programme.

The industry has recently seen a long-overdue return of airline-sponsored training schemes, which serve to benefit aspiring pilots but create some uncertainty for students and training providers. To help tackle this issue , Leading Edge Aviation is giving students the option to recoup their deposit in full if they are accepted into an airline-funded training programme after enrolling with Leading Edge.

This promotional guarantee kicks off on September 1, 2023, and will remain in effect until December 31, 2023. Students who enroll in any of Leading Edge Aviation’s training programmes during these dates will be eligible for the refund.

Andi Alexander, Chief Commercial Officer at Leading Edge Aviation, commented on the initiative, saying, “We understand the uncertainty and anxiety that many aspiring pilots are facing in the current landscape. With the ‘Deposit Refund Guarantee,’ we aim to offer a layer of security for those who are committed to following their dream of becoming a pilot. This safety net is available whether their journey begins with us or with an airline-funded training programme.”

To be eligible for the deposit refund, students must provide official documentation verifying their acceptance into an airline-sponsored training programme. Once verified, the initial deposit paid to Leading Edge Aviation will be returned to the student in full.

For additional information regarding the ‘Refund Guarantee Campaign,’ prospective students can visit Leading Edge Aviation’s website.