Helicentre Aviation announces pilot scholarship winners

image.phpHelicentre Aviation has announced the winners of the 2013 Professional Helicopter Pilot Scholarships following a selection process involving several weeks of interviews and presentations in front of a scholarship committee. Due to the success of this year’s scholarships and the increasing demand for new pilots, Helicentre Aviation will launch their 2014 scholarships on 1 July this year.

The Commercial Pilot Scholarship has been awarded to Pierre Neyses from Germany, and the Flight Instructor Scholarship to Morgan Whiting from Leicestershire (pictured).

“The selection process was particularly challenging due the overall high standard of applicants,” explained MD Sarah Bowen. “The scholarship committee worked very hard to find the most suitable candidate in each case and we are very pleased to be able to offer the two pilots a life-changing opportunity. They should be extremely proud of their achievement”.

Pierre will start CPL(H) ground school followed by hour building and the CPL(H) flying course in the Cabri G2, entirely funded by Helicentre Aviation as part of the scholarship award. The company will be adding its second Cabri G2 to the fleet of training aircraft next month. Morgan recently completed his CPL(H) on the R22 and will be put through the FI(H) course this Autumn when he will start working for Helicentre Aviation as a Flight Instructor.

The company has confirmed there will not only be another CPL(H) and FI(H) scholarship awarded, but several new scholarships involving the Cabri G2 and the CPL(H) and ATPL(H) theoretical knowledge courses. Upon qualification the two main scholarship winners will start their first job as pilots with Helicentre Aviation. Potential applicants are advised to pre-register at www.flyheli.co.uk/scholarships, where you can also follow the progress of this year’s scholarship winners.