Future for the airline industry, by the man who talks to CEOs

airline industryIf you are considering a career on the flight deck you will already know just how badly the airline industry has been affected by Covid-19. It is now more important than ever (and it always has been pretty important), to make sure that all of your decisions are well-informed.

John Strickand’s impartial insight into the business is highly respected by airline CEOs, and now he’s shared some of that insight with PCN. If you are serious about a career in aviation, you’ll want a good rounded understanding of the industry, and what better place to start…

John Strickland has been a consultant to the airline and travel industry for the last 18 years. Prior to consulting, John worked for British Airways, KLM UK, British Midland, British Caledinian and Buzz. He’s frequently found interviewing airline leaders from BA’s Alex Cruz to Emirate’s Sir Tim Clark