Fly a Boeing 737 in south-west London!

A brand new Boeing 737-800 professional fixed base simulator has opened in Putney, south-west London.

Flight Experience London (FEL) is a franchise of the successful Flight Experience brand, founded in Australia and approved by Boeing. It’s operated by NP Simulations which also has Groundschool London, a training academy which runs courses for both enthusiasts and those considering a career in aviation.

Nick Taylor and Paul Kendrick are the founders. “We both have a background in aviation,” said Nick. “Paul is a professional pilot and I’ve spent over 30 years working in operational and senior management roles in both airports and for airlines.”

The simulator cockpit includes sections and components from an actual Alaskan Airlines aircraft and features high-definition 180 degree screens with panoramic visuals and immersive sound and vibration sensations, allowing people to experience flight like never before.

FEL offers choices ranging from 30-minute scenic flights around a city, through to 90-minute real-time city-to-city flights, with the simulator software allowing you to fly to and from over 24,000 different airports, located across the globe.

Flight Experience London
Groundschoool London